Green, botanical wedding ideas

I recently watched Prue's Great Garden Plot on Channel 4 and she spoke about how she bought a beautiful Acer tree as a centrepiece for her daughter's wedding that was now being rehomed in her new garden.

Imagine looking out in the garden at a tree you bought for your wedding day, that lives on outside.

I love the idea of using potted plants and houseplants for wedding decor.

Instead of expensive throwaway floral decor, with plants, you get a sustainable solution to styling your big day. 

You could even gift the plant pots to your friends and family. Or keep your plants as memories of your big day.


Plants can bring a touch of natural beauty, elegance, and eco-friendliness to your wedding or wedding reception.

I want to share with you five creative ways to use houseplants and living plants for your wedding.

1. Wedding centrepieces

For a big showpiece in the centre of your tables, you could go for large potted herbs that look and smell amazing. You could have purple sage or architectural rosemary, or a beautiful lollipop olive tree with pale silvery leaves.

If you're getting married in the height of summer why not go for miniature citrus trees or some exotic potted plants.

You can also style your plant pots to match your theme. For a rustic look, use hessian to wrap the pots.

Replace traditional floral centrepieces with lush potted plants. Consider varieties like ferns, orchids, or peace lilies. These plants add a touch of greenery and elegance to each table.

If you have a long table, why not dress it with moss, candles and succulents for a real show-stopping display.

Or if you're short of budget, opt for miniature potted roses in a colour that matches your theme.

Personally, I think if I were to get married again, I'd go for terrariums that I could customise with ornaments that said something about us or our guests for each table.


2. Plants as wedding favours


Forget sugared almonds in net bags, what about mini potted plants? You could have cute succulents with people's names written in chalk on the side of the pot.

Your guests will have a little reminder of your wedding day they can keep at home.

Plant pots could double up as table numbers or place settings too.


3. Plants as backdrops for photos

Woman sat in a chair in front of a wedding selfie booth decorated with plants.

Incorporating living plants into your photo backdrop can add a touch of natural beauty and uniqueness to your wedding album.

We've created a few living wall backdrops for jungle-themed weddings full of tropical houseplants.

4. Wedding arch

Instead of a traditional floral arch, you could have a living ivy arch. Or go for scent with climbing jasmine. Cascading Pothos plants could help soften corners or drape along an arch too.

5. Ceiling hangings

If you have a lot of space above to fill, then why not create a green canopy. So hanging baskets of training plants or big blousy ferns.

Or opt for a massive green chandelier packed with native plants and floral cascading down over your guests.


6. Down the aisle

This is where you can be really creative. I love the idea of having an aisle lined with airy small trees like potted Silver Birch or cherry blossom. Move the trees to the reception area and decorate with tiny fairy lights for the evening.

If you are going for a marquee then groups of large architectural houseplants at the entrance can create a magical lush feel.

Big bushy Boston ferns also make an impact down an aisle too.

Incorporating houseplants and living plants into your wedding decor is a sustainable, creative, and visually stunning way to infuse some nature into your special day.

If you need more ideas, do check out out Pinterest board, or give us a call to discover what's possible for your wedding.

Did you know we lease houseplants for weddings?

We've done a few now, why not get in touch to see what's possible for your wedding.