Indoor Plant Care

Going on holiday? Indoor jungle out of control?We love plants and we want yours to thrive and bring you joy. That’s why we offer a nurturing houseplant care service for your plants. Available across Northern Ireland & Ireland.

Houseplant Repotting & Care Service

Caring for your indoor jungle can be hard when juggling work, life and other chores. We take the stress away and ensure your plants are kept in tip-top condition. Repotting, top dressing, plant leaf cleaning, watering and pest control can all be left in our capable hands.

We love nothing more than seeing houseplants thrive and flourish and bring you joy. If you're away on holiday, need ad hoc care or want a regular commitment we are happy to help. Chat with us about booking your indoor plant care service.

Benefits of the Service

Worry-free houseplant care

Repotting, feeding
and cleaning

Flexible contract-free

Passionate service

Feeding, watering and pest management

We love houseplants, but we know they can suffer indoors. Years of experience have meant that we can expertly deal with any issues and bring your plants back to full health. The most common problems with houseplants are due to over or under-watering. We can help manage your plant needs and get your plants on the perfect maintenance plan. Struggling with pests? We can help manage common infestations to get your plants back to full health. We'll even clean your foliage to aid photosynthesis and give the leaves a shine. We will also monitor their nutrient levels and feed them too.

Unhappy plants revived and refreshed

Part of our houseplant maintenance service includes checking the health of your plant's roots, soil structure and drainage. We'll check they're healthy and happy and repot them if needed. This is a task that needs to be carried out every 1-2 years. If your plant collection or indoor plant jungle is becoming a bit overwhelming why not get in touch to see how we can lighten the load.

Indoor plant care that suits you

We'll check your current plant collection and determine the best maintenance package for you and your plants. We are based in Belfast but offer plant care packages across Northern Ireland. Let us take care of your indoor plants so you get the full benefit of your houseplants. Not sure what you need? We’ll pop by and assess your houseplants to get you the most cost-effective solution.

Houseplant interior design

Just starting out with houseplants or looking to grow your collection? We can advise on the best plants to style your home, create statement entrances, transform dark corners or liven up a bedroom or home office. We can bring a selection to your door to choose from, or we can source the perfect plants for your property. Call us to discuss your design plans and your plant wish list.

Beautiful houseplants

Why not browse our houseplant products available in the shop for delivery or collection.

Living & Kitchen

Plants that will thrive in your living areas with some indirect sun.


Find tropical, moisture-loving plants that will thrive in warm, steamy bathrooms.


Freshen your bedroom with air purifying and low light-loving plants.


Light streaming in? These plants flourish in the baking sun.

Cafés & Restaurants

Need to add a little ambience, find plants that will make a statement.


Improve the wellbeing of your staff and the look of your office with our range of healthy plants.