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Find lots of houseplant care tips, advice and inspiration in our blog. Learn about upcoming The Green East workshops, what markets we will be at in Northern Ireland and get top tips about making the most of your houseplants.


Your Spring Houseplant Checklist
Hello Spring! And thank goodness. The days are getting longer and there's more light which your plants will LOVE. At The Green East, we're gearing up for a season of growth and vibrancy, and we thought we'd give you some...
How to Care for Office Houseplants
Do you have houseplants in your office or business but aren't sure how to keep them looking green and happy? Your office plants need ongoing care and maintenance to keep them looking healthy and happy. But when you have a...
How to Choose the Healthiest Plants from a Supermarket or DIY Store
Can't resist picking up a houseplant while you do the weekly shop or pick up DIY supplies? Here's my tips on how to select healthy plants that will thrive in your hope.
Top 10 hanging plants for your home
Don't have enough room on your shelves or surfaces for more plants? I have the solution. Look up!! There's so much more room up there. So maybe you need to start looking into hanging plants. Hanging your plants can be...
Hauntingly Beautiful. 6 Ways You Can Style Your Home with Houseplants for Halloween
Create hauntingly beautiful indoor decor this Halloween with houseplants! 6 spooky ideas for your home.
Transform Your Home for Autumn. Creative Ways to Decorate with Houseplants

Create an autumnal vibe inside your home with houseplants! Discover creative ways to infuse warmth and seasonal charm into your home using indoor plants and houseplant décor.

Autumn & Winter Houseplant Workshops

We are celebrating the season by hosting three workshops at our home in Banana Block.

A Kokedama workshop and two Christmas Wreath making workshops.

Can houseplants help with mindfulness?
Life can be incredibly busy, so busy that you feel you are constantly drawing up to do lists and planning events and doing chores that you forget to enjoy the here and now.  But could having houseplants help us be...
How to care for your houseplants this autumn. An ultimate guide.
Autumn is coming, but are you and your houseplants ready? The change in seasons also means a change in how we care for our houseplants. Here in our houseplant shop in Banana Block, East Belfast, we are busy moving plants...
5 Unusual Houseplants for Your Collection
Are you tired of the same old houseplants and looking to add some unique and unusual options to your collection? Here are 5 unusual houseplants that are sure to make a statement in your home.
Top 10 pet safe houseplants
Houseplants add life and beauty to our homes while contributing to better air quality and increased mental wellness. However, if you’re a pet owner, it’s important to be cautious about the types of plants you bring into your space as...
10 Signs You’re Overwatering Your Plants
The most common cause of plant death is overwatering. Showing your plants too much love and being overly enthusiastic with the watering can actually cause plants to wither. Overwatering is actually one of the easiest problems to fix because you just have to water them less.
10 Plants that Will Impress Your Clients
Add some life to your office with these easy-to-maintain plants that will make a great impression on clients and guests.
8 reasons why you should use live plants in your restaurant or café
If you're looking to add a little life (and fresh air) to your restaurant or cafe, look no further! These plants are perfect for business owners who want to green up their decor.
7 Houseplants That Are Perfect For Your Office

If you're looking to brighten up your office space or transform your business reception these are the easiest houseplants to maintain in your office.