Enhancing wellbeing in the workplace

The office environment can feel claustrophobic, unhealthy and stressful. Bringing plants into your building can have a transformative effect on staff wellbeing. Chat to us about our office plants and green interior design to revitalise your workspace.


Improve air quality

Support noise reduction

Create a welcoming
space for clients

Support your staff's

Office plant hire

Striving to create an office that inspires productivity, showcases your brand or stimulates productivity. Plants can help. Where you have lots of employees or visitors to your office, plants can add extra atmosphere to your space. With the power to invigorate and improve people’s mood, productivity and even creativity, plants could be the perfect co worker.

Plant partition containers

Hanging plants

Living walls

Desk displays

Reception and atrium displays

Office plant consultancy

Our expert plant consultancy service will help you revitalise your office. Our team will find plants to suit your space. Why not consider a statement plant installation? Or what about plant shelves sub-dividing bare open plan floors or potted plants to provide focal points? Whether you want large statement plants for foyers, or air-purifying plants or small tabletop plants for open plan desks, our plant consultants will create the perfect office plant design.

Office plant maintenance

We source as locally as possible and take responsibility for the delivery and installation of your office plants.

Once your office plants are installed we'll ensure that you have a care guide, or why not ask us about our plant maintenance service. We offer plant care service packages for businesses across Northern Ireland.

Already have plants in your office? Ask us about our plant audit and refresh plan or getting on a maintenance package.

Types of Indoor office plants

We don’t just provide the biggest and most expensive plants. Our aim is to give you great performing plants that fit in with the rest of your interior design. Some of the best office plants we do recommend are:


Devil’s Ivy

Spider Plants


Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

Beautiful houseplants

Why not browse our houseplant products available in the shop for delivery or collection.

Living & Kitchen

Plants that will thrive in your living areas with some indirect sun.


Find tropical, moisture-loving plants that will thrive in warm, steamy bathrooms.


Freshen your bedroom with air purifying and low light-loving plants.


Light streaming in? These plants flourish in the baking sun.

Cafés & Restaurants

Need to add a little ambience, find plants that will make a statement.


Improve the wellbeing of your staff and the look of your office with our range of healthy plants.