Hauntingly Beautiful. 6 Ways You Can Style Your Home with Houseplants for Halloween

Every year I see hundreds of images of pumpkins porches, outdoor pumpkin decorated planters and plant stuffed pumpkins. But these are all for the outdoors. What about our indoors?!

This year, I wanted to look at 6 ways you can style your homes or business this halloween with houseplants. 

1. Dark Foliage

Why not try creating a sinister corner with houseplants with dark, moody foliage. Some of theses are quite rare but absolutely beautiful.

Colocasia esculenta 'Black Magic'

This is a perennial tuber, a bit like a Dahlia. Its leaves start of green, but then turn a deep, dark purple-black.

Care tips: Keep it in partial shade and ensure well-drained soil. Keep the soil consistently moist. This is usully grown outside but because its frost tender you could bring it indoors during the cold months. 

Geogenanthus Ciliatus

The Geogenanthus has very dark purple, almost black with pink veining, this is one VERY dramatic plant, but it needs a LOT of humidity.

Plus it is very very rare!


Geogenanthus ciliatus


Zamioculcas zamiifolia ‘Raven’

The Zamioculcas zamiifolia, or ZZ plants are a popular houseplant, but have you heard of the Raven variety. This one has glossy, deep-green leaves that look almost black. if you can find one, this is a really low maintenance plant and will look stunning in your home.

Alocasia ‘Black velvet’

Almond velvety leaves like Morticia's dress. Also known as elephant ears these plants are very popular right now. For a more interesting shape, try the Alocasia amazonica.

Peperomia caperata ‘Burgundy ripple’

The Peperomia caperata ‘Burgundy ripple’ has dark variegated leaves. Rippling purples and dark greens make this a good gothic addition to your home. 

Treat it like a Gremlin. Don't put it in direct light as you will bleach the leaves and don't give it too much water.

Peperomia caperata ‘Burgundy ripple’

2. Spooky succulents & cacti

There are some great spooky sounding succulents and cacti and some startling species for your Halloween styled home to choose from.

What about the Echeveria 'Black Prince' with dark, velvety looking leaves. This succulent will love bright sunlight and well-draining soil.


Or why not create a spooky display with some scary cacti like this brain cactus.🧠
Or go for a freaky Sempervivum arachnoideum “Cobweb Houseleek.” This spidery beastie will like somewhere bright to live.
Then you could pair it with another Addams family character, Cousin It...or the Old Man Cactus. Doesn't it look like a shaggy monster.

Haworthia 'Zebra Plant'

What about something a little more "Wednesday Adams." This Haworthia has white, striped patterns on dark green leaves.

Keep it in bright, indirect light and water when the soil is dry.



3. Man-eaters

Go for a little macabre display with some crafty carnivores.

Don't worry, these are actually insect eaters.

Fill your carnivorous houseplant display with some Venus Flytrap (Dionaea Msucipula), Sundews, Pitcher plants. Butterwort and Bladderwort. 


Venus fly trap

4. Trailing Terrors

Add some trailing terrors too like the pitcher plant. The little buckets of terror look stunning trailing down beneath the pot. 

You could take things up a level and enhance your Halloween ambiance with trailing houseplants with hidden creepy crawlies. 

Devil's ivy or English Ivy would be perfect for this.


5. Haunted Terrariums

I am a big fan of terrariums. They are so versatile and easy to decorate as a gift for people.

This Halloween, you could create miniature haunted landscapes inside glass terrariums using a combination of spooky houseplants, miniature figurines, and decorative accents. 

You could even use a terrarium for a spooky table centerpiece.

6. Accentuate with black accessories.

Try making your green foliage stand out with some dark contrasting containers. I love a dark or black ceramic pot to offset green plants. 


From dark and bewitching foliage to eerie succulent showcases, man-eaters, and creepy climbers, there are endless possibilities for creating a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere in your home.

Use your imagination, get creative, and create some living Halloween décor with plants!

Happy Halloween!