Your Spring Houseplant Checklist

Hello Spring! And thank goodness. The days are getting longer and there's more light which your plants will LOVE.

At The Green East, we're gearing up for a season of growth and vibrancy, and we thought we'd give you some tips to get your houseplants ready for spring.

Here's our handy checklist to help your houseplants thrive.


Adjust your houseplant watering

Plants will want more water now. They're going to be putting on more growth, so you'll want to start watering more. I like to give them a soak in a bucket or tray so water is taken from the bottom up. If you notice that the soil is still really wet after a day or two, then you may have compacted soil. I then stick a chopstick in the soil a few times to help with compaction. Always check your soil's wetness first before watering. Never water on a schedule.


Prune any rogue branches or dying leaves

I know it's hard to lose a leaf, but giving your plants a trim and taking away yellow or withered leaves will actually help promote it into more growth.



Your plant may have "used-up" all the soil and run out of nutrients, so a repot with fresh compost could really help its growth. If your plant has outgrown their pot, then you're going to want to give it a pot upgrade. To just, gently lift your plant out of its pot and check the roots. But don't be afraid to give those roots a trim if you want to keep it the same size and in their existing pot. But remember, Spider Plants and Peace Lilies like to be congested.

Check for pest

It's always a good idea to check for pests and get on top of them early. Check the underside of leaves and between the leaf and the main stem.

Let light in

It's a good idea to rotate your plants and give the other side some more light. To ensure uniform growth, rotate your plants regularly, giving each side its fair share of sunlight exposure. This will help ensure your plant grows event on all sides and will stop leaning or stretching towards light sources.

Dusting your houseplants

Gently wipe down those leaves to let them breathe and soak in sunlight more efficiently. If there's too much dust over the stomata photosynthesis will be slowed down. If you want to speed up the dusting, I highly recommend popping your plants in the shower! A gentle rinse not only removes dust but also helps deter pests. Just remember to take them out again before the family want their shower.

Hand dusting a houseplant leaf

Leaf cleanup

Remove any dead or yellowing leaves to maintain plant health and appearance.

Change position of your houseplants

Ensure your plants are in their optimal positions, receiving the right amount of sunlight and airflow.

Boost the humidity

For moisture-loving plants, a refreshing misting session can invigorate them and promote healthy growth.


It's feeding time

With the increase in light, your houseplants are going to start to want more food to grow. Use the right houseplant feed to give your plants a boost. If you've repotted though, you won't need to feed it for a while as the soil will be full of nutrients.

I also like to do an audit of all my houseplants too, to see what gaps I have and if I need any more for my collection.

Need some for yours? Get in touch for more information.

Roisin owner of the green east looking at houseplants