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When the world around us seems constantly chaotic and out of control, plants have the power to ground us, to give us something to nurture and focus on, and in so doing renew and preserve us too!

Plants can change four walls into a relaxing space. Plants have a soothing effect on us, making us feel, enveloped and protected. At The Green East, we want to help you bring nature inside and create beautiful botanical corners in your home and workspace. We want to offer plants that will form stunning backdrops to your event, showcase your products or accent your brand.

A passion for indoor plants

I’m the founder of The Green East. I have a passion for house plants. I’ve worked in all aspects of business for many years, including working with my sister in a nursery business.

While working in an office every day, I realised that plants have the power to completely transform a space, energise you and improve your wellbeing. Studies have even shown how plants can reduce stress and lower anxiety.

I founded The Green East in 2020 during the pandemic as a passion project. With the support of friends and family, the business has grown.

We are delighted to have a shop in the Banana Block,a community of artisan producers, creative entrepreneurs and innovative businesses based in Portview, East Belfast.

Supporting people to discover, love and nurture their plants

I launched The Green East as a way to bring people close to nature by bringing nature to their door. When you order a plant from us, we arrive at your door with lots of houseplants and pots for you to choose from. No more picking up the wrong plant for the wrong place at garden centres. We also give you a tailored plant care plan to help your plant flourish. We offer a truly personalised service for your home, business or event.

Making indoors happier and healthier with plants

We believe that plants have the ability to improve our mood, boost our productivity and help with wellbeing. That’s why we want to help homes and businesses like yours invigorate and revitalise your indoor space. Interior botanical design, biophilic interiors and the urban jungle look are definitely trends that are here to stay. We can help you embrace it and find the perfect plants no matter how big or small your space is. Speak to us about plant walls, hanging plants or architectural plants for your space.

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What Our Customers Say

“I was lucky to be able to lease a wide range of plants from you for a short period to ‘dress’ my father-in-law’s house for sale. The house looked so much better and the prospective buyers must have thought so too because we were sale agreed upon within a week, and I was able to return all your plants. There’s no way I would have found space for them in my own home if we had to buy them!! Thank you so much for an amazing service.”